Love Decoys & Sex Decoys:

Tru TV Pilot & Fox Reality Series

J. Barlow: exec. prod. / shooter / segment director

Created by J. Barlow & C. Boccaccio

Production Co: The Wolper Organization & Alley Cats

Suspicious women enlist Love Detective, Sandra Hope to set “man-traps” for their flirting fiancés. Will these guys take the bait and try to cheat?

LOVE DOCOYS was the first unscripted show Boccaccio and I pitched together. At the coaxing of our William Morris literary agent, we produced a 5- minute sizzle reel, found our star out of Arizona, and enlisted producers, Tom Klein (of Blind Date) & Mark Wolper (Bullshit, etc).  Tru-TV funded our pilot and we went to work Executive Producing and acting as field producers. Fox Reality then picked up our concept as a series which went on to capture the highest ratings in the Network’s history. Production was halted when Fox Reality rebranded and became Nat Geo Wild.


J. Barlow:  co-producer / polish editor

Director: James Muller

Distributor: Octapixx

Exec. Producers: James Muller & Victoria Redstall

This shocking documentary first aired Primetime on Australian Television and New Zealand Television on CITV. It explores the strange bond between an headstrong model and a convicted serial killer. Muller wanted me to use still photographs to fill in the story, so the trick was to bring these stills to life with motion and sound effects.

Expedition Wild: National Geographic Special

J. Barlow: development executive

Developed for Nat Geo by J. Barlow & C. Boccaccio

“800-pound grizzly bear, Brutus is the curious best friend to renowned naturalist Casey Anderson, who has raised him since birth. Together, they've set out on a yearlong mission to chronicle the lives of Yellowstone's vulnerable grizzly bears.”

We developed this series with Nat Geo executives for with our stars Casey Anderson and his 800 pound grizzly, who we discovered on CraigslIst!  See the sizzle that launched his career on the Sizzle Reels Page of this site.

“We knew Casey had made it big when TMZ poked fun of him for choosing Brutus as his best man.” --JB


J. Barlow: exec. prod. / shooter / director / editor

Created by Barlow & Boccaccio

Production Co: Creative Differences

In order to sell this action-packed docusoap, Boccaccio & I produced a sizzle reel: Stringers.  We filmed these crazy “shooters” in the line of duty: riding shotgun in speeding cars, chasing fires, and dodging bullets in Compton. As tough as I pretended to be, it scared the piss out of me!

After we sold the concept to A & E, I swore I wasn’t ever getting back in those speeding cars again. But the “pro crew” we hired on the pilot weren’t quite capturing the magic we had imagined. So we got back in the damn cars and shot most of the pilot ourselves-- with Uncle Bob, (our supervising producer!-- a genius behind the camera. A year later, Boccaccio and I helped negotiate a deal for the talent so that Court TV could launch the subsequent T.V. series, entitled, Stringers, Los Angeles. This action packed series ran for two seasons.











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