J-1 Live In Concert

J. Barlow: shooter / editor

J- I: Artist

Virgin Records: Label

I am proud of this because I shot the on-stage footage, hand held, all in one take. Plus I really dig the lyrics: “I don’t care much about classy, I wanna girl that’s nasty.” Very Rebel Girl if you ask me.


J. Barlow: Shooter / director / polish editor

Jason Jones: Artist

Jason’s theme is about of loss of innocence, in which Hollywood is a metaphor for Babylon. We made the rest up as we went along, This final budget was about 25 dollars plus Fat Burgers. Chantal Boccaccio brought her brilliance to the edit bay and together we constructed the story in post. 

J. Barlow:  writer / director / editor

Rachael Rose Luckey & Chris Dane Owens: Executive Producers
Matt Steinauer: Cinematographer

The Cinematic Short Musical Film starring Artist Paul Roessler and Cherish Alexander of "Forever My Love No More."

Hauntingly seductive, it's the story of a woman returning to the home she grew up in to reunite with the trapped spirit that only she could see as a child. Now that she has passed on herself, she reconnects with him to try and heal his long time curse of loneliness and lost love.

Who’s Lovin’ You (Singing version)

J. Barlow: director / editor

Jennifer Harris: Artist

Sirrah Records: Distributor

Rachael Rose Luckey: Producer

Happy-Go-Luckey Productions Inc.: Production Company

This bluesy remake of the Michael Jackson classic features up and coming singer Jennifer Harris.

The Imagining

J. Barlow:  editor

Aeone: Artist

Chris Dane Owens: Director

Fans of artiste and composer AEONE's music will recognize her rich, haunting style in this new music video featuring her song "The Imagining". It stars AEONE and CHRIS DANE OWENS, and was shot both on location and in studio. CHRIS DANE OWENS also directed - this lush, romantic, movie trailer-styled production, and it is beautifully edited by Jennifer Barlow.

AEONE's voice and music has not only been heard in countless film, television and album projects, but also in over sixty movie trailers, including '300', "The Last Samurai", "Beowulf", "Tomb Raider" and "Something's Gotta Give" - in addition she was the musical voice of TNT's Emmy Nominated "The Mists of Avalon". British born AEONE - who lives and works in Los Angeles - writes, produces and records her own music from her studio and has released four critically acclaimed albums.

Shine On Me

J. Barlow: editor / producer

Chris Dane Owens: Artist

Bob Short: Director

Chirs Owens wanted this music video to feel like a blockbuster movie trailer. Little did he know that it would become a legend in it’s own right.  Within months this Epic Fantasy became an Internet Sensation, chalking thousands of hits a week and getting rave reviews from press like New Yorker Magazine, Rolling Stone and more.

Soul Blaster

J. Barlow: director / editor

Stevie Salas: Artist

Arbor Records: Distributor

This micro-budget, cartoon-style spoof features aliens that abduct humans, forcing them to dance for their lives on the intergalactic “Bitchship.’ It’s filled with trippy alien landscape and sexy “fembot” type women, that shoot deadly lazars from their breast-plates.



Jason Jones: Artist

The plot is this:  Our hero tries to rescue a beautiful woman who is magically captured inside a book, by a clan of Comic Book Bad Girls. 

We had a blast with the locations and costumes.


J. Barlow: director / editor

Jason Jones: Artist

If you liked Part One you’re really going like Part 2. In this segment, our hero must infiltrate Comic Book World to rescue the woman he loves and bring her back to the real world. 

Roxy Roller

J. Barlow: shooter / director / editor

Roxy Roller: Artist

Hebba Jebba Records: Label

This promotional “video diary” was projected (huge) on the wall before a musical showcase for Dr Dre.

Dog Women

J. Barlow: director

Lee Bone Grodsky: Producer/Artist

This comedic music video is based on a hit sketch comedy act in which a dweeb has a date with two “dogs.”

“Best Video of the Year”

~ New Yorker Magazine


J. Barlow: editor

Chris Dane Owens: Artist / Director

The long awaited music video sequel to Chris Dane Owens "Shine On Me". LIGHT SPEED is directed by CDO, and shot, produced and edited in the style of a major Hollywood movie trailer. The story of ARRA OF THE THIRD KINGDOM continues here in the second installment, which is planned as a music video trilogy series.

“It’s (Soul Blaster’s) the best video I’ve ever seen. Where did you get those girls?”

~ James Muller

“The video came out even better than what I had imagined, I showed it to my biker friends for feedback.  It was really funny the way these ‘big burley tough guys’ got all choked up”

~Jennifer Harris

Who’s Lovin’ You (Story version)


Jennifer Harris: Artist

Sirrah Records: Distributor

Rachael Rose Luckey: Producer

Happy-Go-Luckey Productions Inc.: Production Company

This remake of the Michael Jackson’s classic is a love story gone wrong. Producer Rachael Rose Luckey came up with the twist of making the love triangle all with women. I added the concept of the bikes, because, I’m sorry, but two girls on a Harley is just plain hot.










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